MathMagic Pro for Adobe InDesign 2023

MathMagic Pro for Adobe InDesign

This article will demonstrate how to install MathMagic Pro for Adobe InDesign 8.9.59 free of charge on your computer. For assistance in installing MathMagic Pro v8.9.59, please follow the instructions and download link.

Table of Contents

  • Software
  • MathMagic Pro Adobe InDesign 8.9.59 System Requirements
  • How to download and install MathMagic Pro for Adobe InDesign version 8.9.59
  • Files required

The software

MathMagic allows you to edit equations for students, teachers, educators, higher education and desktop publishers.

It has a simple user interface, but powerful features for formulas. MathMagic allows you to create any type of mathematical expression.

MathMagic Pro Edition is an Adobe InDesign equation editor that can be used to edit any mathematical expressions or symbols. It has a WYSIWYG interface, and many powerful features.

MathMagic Pro for Adobe InDesign’s main features are:

  • Graphic User Interface with intuitive graphics
  • Intelligent WYSIWYG editor with auto formatting
  • Well organized palettes for Templates and Signs
  • Beautiful interface + Beautiful equations
  • There are many keyboard shortcuts already pre-defined
  • User definable shortcuts for Clips & User items
  • Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste to other programs
  • Multiple Undo/Redo; View rate up to 3250%
  • Multiple StyleSets to allow group-wide sharing
  • Fonts in various bundles, and all System fonts supported
  • Support for compatibility with other software: PDF, EPS and PICT
  • DTP users get multiple units and high resolution of up to 2400dpi

MathMagic Pro For Adobe InDesign V8.9.59 System Requirements

  • Pentium, or Faster
  • Windows XP SP2 & newer including Vista 7, 8, 10,
  • Adobe InDesign(tm) CS3 ~ CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2023, CC 2023, CC 2023, CC 2023, CC 2023, CC 2023, CC 2023, CC 2023
  • Allow 60MB for complete installation

How do I download and install MathMagic Pro for Adobe InDesign? v8.9.59

  1. After clicking the download button(s), you can finish downloading the required files. This might take from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on your download speed.
  2. Extract the downloaded files. This article will help you learn how to extract. QWERTY, the password to extract, will always work!

  3. Start Setup.exe to install the software