We Provide Computer Service & Support for your Home and Small Businesses

Computer Repair, Setup, Support

Tell us your computer problem and our Tech Friends will call you on the same business day.

computer error

Computer repair – booting issues. Give us a call & we will  arrange a site visit to reinstall your operating system. Blue screen of death or simply not booting, we use advanced  tools to fix your computer. We restore your computer to its working state without losing your data.

Computer Slowness

computer slowness

We fix computer slowness by identifying the root cause. Many factors such as old hardware, AV Scan, too many background applications running, web browsers, virus/malware, or simply insufficient hardware resources like low memory/high CPU utilization/ hard disk performance/low disk space can make your computer really slow. Call us for computer support

Computer Repair Upgrade

computer repair

We replace your faulty computer parts such as hard disk, RAM, Motherboard or upgrade your computer with the latest configuration to boost your computer performance. We also replace cracked display screens and recover your valuable data. Slow computer – give us a call

Mac computer support

We are experienced in Mac devices and OSX. Is your mac slow or not loading? We will reinstall the operating system and recover your data as well. We will resolve slow computer, virus issues, or set up your Macbook Pro/Air/iMac. Give us a call.

Windows 10 Issues

Windows computers support

Laptop Support & Desktop Service. We install latest Windows OS and troubleshoot day-to-day issues at home and small business. We remotely fix common issues like slowness, unable to open file issues, video not playing, Internet connectivity, browser issues or complex issues such as system restore and avoid data loss.

laptop support

We reinstall software and troubleshoot software issues. Identify applications causing slowness. Setup Zoom and Office applications. We backup all your photos and restore them as well. We also provide tips and tricks on how to use applications.


Setup Email Photos & Apps

We configure your email clientS such as Outlook or Google emails. Archive emails and configure email client software for best performance.


Tech Friends support computers

We support all gadgets. iPad/tablet setup, backup and restore photos on all devices. 

TV AV Solutions

Audio Video support

We set up smart TV, Apple TV, Chrome cast, Vivi for wireless presentation, projectors, speakers and anything to do with technology at home.

Remote Support

Computer support services

Our friendly Tech Friends will resolve your computer issues remotely in a timely manner. We fix most of the issues by remote support easily.

Onsite Visit
Computer service

Onsite Support Technicians

Call us and our Tech friends will visit your home or small business to resolve your computer issues effectively. Our clients call us for day-to-day computer support at their business or to resolve personal computer issues.

Setup Internet/Wifi/Email
Computer Service

Internet Email Wifi pictures

We setup Wi-Fi/Internet at home and fix slow internet or connectivity issues. We configure email accounts on multiple devices and in Microsoft or Google platform. We archive old emails and optimize email software for best  performance.

Manage your Network Infrastructure

IT Network Infrastructure management

We setup Switches, Routers, Firewall effectively to manage your small offices. We enable easy file sharing for your staff, setup network printers and ensure data is available all the time. We provide instant support to your staff. 

Data backup & Recovery

Our priority is to protect your data and ensure its readily available to authorized users. We setup 3-2-1 backup strategy and perform regular restore tests.

Server Maintenance

Server support

We setup & manage your Servers.  We install Windows 2019 Server and manage virtual servers (hyper-v). We use live replication and backup your server data on NAS. We ensure minimal downtime and high availability of your servers and your valuable data.

Remove virus

We scan and remove virus/malware on your computer and install the latest antivirus software. We enable security parameters on your computers to secure against today’s modern threat/intruders. Call us to find how we can secure your home network.

Web design service

Website design

We create a unique and spectacular website that reflects your business. Also, we take care of marketing and Search engine optimization to attract more customers.


Printer support repair

Printer not working? We enable easy network printing & scan to email solutions for your staff. we enable wireless printing and print from any device.