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What do we offer for Laptop Repairing In Sydney?

We (Tech Friends) diagnose and repair many types of laptop problems, from basic adjustments to component-level repairs. We’re quick, professional, and easy to work with.

We know the tools to repair and diagnose any laptop issues you can have.  We repair both software and hardware problems.  The most common laptop problems we see are:

  •     Virus/ Malware Removal
  •     Software Bugs
  •     Windows Errors
  •     Cracked or Broken Laptop Screens
  •     No Power or Dead Motherboards
  •     Bad or Broken Charging Ports
  •     No boot
  •     Black Screen
  •     White Screen
  •     Laptop Overheating
  •     Laptop Restarting
  •     Corrupted Operating System
  •     Blue Screens
  •     Email Problems
  •     Defective Keyboard
  •     Defective Wireless
  •     Slow Laptop
  •     Password Recovery
  •     Data Backup
  •     Laptop Tune-up

Our skilled team of Tech Friends can help you find and repair the problem with your personal or work laptop.

 If your PC or laptop isn’t performing to your expectations, simply give it to us for 24 hours and we’ll repair it and address all the faults to get it working again.

Connect with us. We’re here to assist you at any time!