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We all know how valuable data is. Whether you work individually or in an organisation, losing your data can lead to serious consequences. But whatever happened to your data, there is a big chance that it still can be recovered.

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What You Need To Know

What is Data Recovery?

The process of recovering data that has been lost, unintentionally deleted, damaged, or made inaccessible is known as data recovery.

What is Data Backup and Recovery?

The act of producing and keeping multiple copies of data to avoid data loss due to unanticipated situations is known as data backup and recovery. Tech Friends offers the (3-2-1 backup strategy), the best data recovery services in Sydney. Call us today to get your data recovered and backed up by our experts.

What are Data Recovery Services?

A service for recovering data that has been lost or damaged. Tech Friends’ data recovery professionals can help you recover data from hard disks, USB devices, and external hard drives.

 How much does Data Recovery Cost?

The price of data recovery is entirely determined by the service provider and the amount of data you wish to recover. Everything involved in data recovery has its own set of costs, including the lab, the type of data recovery equipment used, a professional, and the most crucial component, time. All of these factors determine the cost of data recovery.

How to get Data Recovery from a Hard Disk?

Contact us to recover data from your hard drive. Our specialists can quickly help you recover important data from your hard drive.

Where to buy Data Recovery Software?

Data recovery software is available to purchase online. Call our experts and get information regarding the right data recovery software.

How does Data recovery work?

The process of recovering data from damaged failed, or corrupted storage media is known as data recovery. We can help you restore your data. Connect with Tech Friends in Sydney for quick and professional service.

How long does Data Recovery take?

In most cases, data recovery takes two to five days. However, the time it takes to figure out the problem and fix it varies. For more information, contact our professionals at Tech Friends.