Computer Support - Onsite & Remote Support for Home and Small Business

While searching for Computer Repairing Services in Sydney, everyone experiences a malfunction in their computers at some stage. 9 out of 10 times it can be fixed easily by simply getting professional support.

Tech Friends can help ease the stress by providing reliable and cost-effective computer repair services for your home and small businesses.

Give us a call and Tech Friends will assist you the same business day.

What do we offer for Computer Repairing Services in Sydney

We can handle even the smallest issue that can occur on your computer. Whether it’s a hardware or software issue, we’ll identify the root cause and provide you with a viable solution. We can repair and upgrade your PC’s hard drive, RAM, motherboards, modems, Windows OS/Mac OS, and reinstall the software at the most competitive pricing.

Computer Startup Issues

Why does my computer keep scanning and attempt repairing the drive? Or why does my computer say, ‘Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart”. We all have faced the issue at some point. It is due to a faulty shutdown or a power outage. Tech Friends has a solution for all of your PC start-up problems. Our professionals can figure out what’s causing the problem and solve it without affecting your data.

Computer Upgrade

Boost your computer speed or replace the faulty hardware. Tech Friends understands the need for a computer upgrade.

You can contact us and one of our professionals will assist you with the necessary upgrade, such as installing a new hard drive, installing new RAM, or purchasing a larger display.

Instead of buying a new laptop, we can provide a cost-effective upgrade without the need to replace the laptop/desktop thereby boosting computer performance and saving cost.

Computer Slowness

If your PC is running slow and crashing down we can fix your computer slowness issue by identifying the root cause. Some common causes for computer slowness are low disk space, virus/malware, Start-up application, hardware/OS issue etc. Count on us, we provide the best service in Sydney to quickly fix your computer.

Windows or Mac Issues

For both home and small companies, Tech Friends can help you install or upgrade to the newest Windows versions. We can quickly resolve common Windows OS issues such as Windows installation, setup, and upgrades, as well as issues with internet connectivity, slow Windows processes, and old Windows operating systems. Our experienced engineers fix day to day MacBook hardware and OS issues in no time.

Software Issues​

We, at Tech Friends, are capable of resolving software problems. All of your regular software issues will be repaired and handled by us. We provide everything from Windows installation and upgrades to new software installation.