Exposure Software Eye Candy 2023

Exposure Software Eye Candy

This story shows you how to download and install the complete adaptation of Exposure Software Eye Candy v7.2.3.189 for complimentary on Pc. Follow the immediate get link and guidance down for guidance on installing Exposure Software Eye Candy v7.2.3.189 on your computer.

Table of contents

  • About the software
  • Access Software Gaze Chocolate v7.2.3.189 System Requirements
  • How to Download and install Exposure Software Eye Candy v7.2.3.189
  • Required documents

About the programming

Eye Candy 7 renders natural results that are difficult or impossible to acquire in Photoshop alone, quite as Fire, Chrome, and the original Lightning.

Implications like Animal Fur, Smoke, and Reptile Skin are rendered in magnificent detail lower to individual bristles, tumultuous orbs, and beautiful weights.

Eye Candy helps you rapidly experience and type looks. In Eye Candy 7, influences are chosen through easy to recognize images relatively than wording recipes. Presets are immediately previewed by simply mousing over them. The subject is less tapping and more sensory browsing.

We thoroughly rewrote the Eye Candy user user interface to make it easier to observe. The concept is less tapping and more visible browsing. Eye Candy 7 is just a second introduction in Photoshop’s filter menu. That means that you can research all of our benefits without leaving the Eye Candy glass. Instead of choosing an results type by reading a text list, you’ll visit icons that show typical uses of each effect. Scroll the look below to see the full dimension as it appears in Eye Candy 7.

You can select how the effect is presented in a fresh layer in the choice panel. If you prefer the Eye Candy 5 process, you can have the new sheet entail just the impact and not a record of your original artwork.

Most Eye Candy effects use transparency, so we moved the foil indicate management out of the choice venire and put it under the main preview. This lets you quickly button the background between checkerboard, black, white, or a custom great color.

Once you’ve selected an effect, the navigator, a small preview that updates instantly, allows you to quickly discover presets. You don’t even have to tap. Simply mouse over preset names and the navigator shows how the results will appear in your design.

Exposure Software Eye Candy’s primary features are as follows:

  • Even simpler
  • Fresh Results
  • Numerous Influences
  • Natural Effects
  • Adaptation
  • Non-destructive Processing
  • Professional Functions

Exposure Software Vision Chocolate v7.2.3.189 System Requirements


  • os 10.13 Deep Mountain or newer
  • Iphones M1 or more recent Intel Core 2 processors
  • Screen with a magnification of 1280768 or higher


  • either Windows 10 or 11.
  • 64 – second Panels edition
  • Intel Core 2 cpu or interoperable
  • analyze with a resolution of 1280 768 or higher

How to Download and install Exposure Software Eye Candy v7.2.3.189

  1. Click on the download click( south ) below and start downloading the required files. This may require from a few minutes to a few years, depending on your download swiftness.
  2. Collect the downloaded files. If you don’t know how to remove, visit this document. The password to extract will always be: Qwerty!
  3. Operate Setup. files and install the software}